You may have heard of Princeton, New Jersey, but why did we choose to have our wedding here? What else is there to do and see in town?

Hopefully this update can shed a little light on the historic little city of Princeton, New Jersey.

Our Venue: Triumph Brewing Company

Triumph Brewing Company opened up in Princeton way back in the year 1995. At the time of this publication, it is one of only two breweries in New Jersey that serves food! Stacy and I knew we wanted to do something a bit different for our wedding, but we weren’t quite sure what. That “what” was answered as soon as we stepped into the long hallways of Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton.

We fell in love with the unique layout of the brewery and the awe-inspiring fermentation tanks house behind glass directly behind the main bar. Most importantly, we loved the beer and food. We hope our guests also fall in love with this brewery when they join us at our wedding in October.

Sites to See! Foods to Eat!

The amount of historic landmarks and places to see in Princeton can fill a book, let alone a weekend! Princeton is also home to some great shops and restaurants that you can’t miss! Here are a few can’t-miss landmarks and eateries located very close to Triumph Brewing:

Nassau Hall

Princeton University’s Administrative Building houses more history than you can shake a stick at. According to Vacation Idea, this site was “designated as a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1960, visitors can meander through halls that once welcomed the New Jersey Legislature, the Congress of the Confederation, and the first United States President, George Washington. “

Palmer Square

Located right down the road from Triumph, Palmer Square is the perfect place to take a stroll! According to their website, “Palmer Square is a treasure trove of shops, restaurants and things to do. Stroll the tree-shaded sidewalks and take in charming colonial architecture complemented by modern elements. Visitors consider Palmer Square a ‘must-see,’ but for locals, it’s simply known as ‘home.'”

The Nassau Inn

You know that spot in a college town where all the locals hang out? The Nassau Inn is the Ivy League version of that. Enjoy some delicious food or a drink while perusing the Princeton Wall of Fame that includes the likes of astronauts, presidents, billionaires and Brooke Shields.

The Bent Spoon

The Bent Spoon is one of those “seriously, you were in Princeton and you didn’t go to” spots. Making ice cream so good it verges on urban legend, the Bent Spoon is located right down the street from our wedding venue in Palmer Square. Be warned: the wait might be long, but it’ll be worth it!

Terhune Orchards & Winery

Terhune Orchards and Winery is Princeton’s local farm and a great stop on a fall day! Located a few minutes from downtown Princeton, it’s a great place to stop on the way home for some homemade apple pie. According to Vacation Idea: “Everyone has heard about their delicious apple pies and cider, but there is much more you can do there, especially if you are visiting with the kids: you can pick your own apples and pumpkins, play with farm animals, visit the Farm Store.”

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Princeton, and this is only a small sampling. We hope you’ll make the most of the long holiday weekend and check out some family friendly places, make a date night, or take in some history!