People keep asking how wedding planning is going, and they’re shocked when we tell them that it’s going really well. We’ve gotten a lot done, and we aren’t stressed. Granted, we have like, 400 days, but still!

One of the areas of planning that did stress me out a little was dress shopping. Before the engagement party, I decided I would schedule some consultation and shopping appointments so that I’d have time to research and browse before jumping in. I scheduled four appointments and my mom and Stephanie, my maid of honor, were planning to come with me to each of them. My goal was to decide on a dress by September.

A lot of people asked about dress shopping, so I’ll tell y’all on here. I set up four appointments at places I had heard great things about or found through some research, all pretty local. My first appointment was at Say I Do in Verona. The boutique was very cute, and considering it was my first bridal dress shopping appointment, I didn’t know what to expect. The staff was kind and helpful, but truth be told, I did not feel like I got the attention that I needed, especially since it was my first time! Me, my mom, and my cousin all picked out dresses, and it was a little overwhelming, not having any direction. However, we did have fun, drinking wine and champagne. I found two dresses that I loved, so we took note of them and put them in “the winners’ circle”. While I did love the two out of several that I tried on, I had not yet had the *feeling* that 54,068 women told me I would have – P.S, ladies, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a new bride, so maybe tone that down a little?

After shopping, we went right down the road on Bloomfield Ave. to mine and Andy’s favorite restaurant, Cloverleaf Tavern, where Andy and Christian met us for dinner. We had a blast, and it was the perfect way to celebrate my first appointment.

The following week was my second appointment, and I was so excited. Not only did I know what to expect now, but everyone had told me how great i do… i do… in Morristown is! And I have to say, what a difference! Lex, my bridal consultant, sat with me and asked me about our venue, colors, what dresses I liked, etc. I felt listened to and special. Before heading back to pick out dresses for me that fit what I had showed her, she even took our champagne to the back and opened it for us. I tried on about 6 dresses, some that I loved, and then, it happened. I felt the feeling! I felt amazing and my mom and Stephanie loved it too. Lex asked me point blank if I wanted to get married in the dress, and I said yes! It got even more REAL when she put a veil on me!

The whole experience, from start to finish, was amazing. The three of us went to The Committed Pig after for more wine and dinner to celebrate.

So I had said yes to the dress, but I still had two more appointments scheduled, which I obviously cancelled. The first was at Park Avenue Bridals, which we still may check out for Mother of the Bride or bridal party dresses. TheĀ  final appointment, and perhaps the one I was most excited for, was a White Carpet appointment at Bella Sposa Bridal. But, oh well! I am so in love with my whole look for the day and cannot wait to wear it! I’m so glad to have one more big item checked off the To Do list!