Bah, Humbug…

…Now That’s Too Strong! ‘Cause It is My Favorite Holiday

So here’s the thing…we love our annual tradition of creating Christmas movie-themed holiday cards, and more so, we love the feedback we get from all of you when you receive them. That being said, this year we are taking a break. #wewereonabreak! 

Between the wedding, the honeymoon and everything in between, we just didn’t have the chance to come up with an original idea this year. So instead of giving you some half-ass idea, you will just have to make due with a wedding thank you card in the new year, a store-bought holiday card and this digital holiday greeting! 

To our family and friends, please don’t take us off of your mailing list! We love to see your holiday cards and promise to send one in return. We will resume our regularly scheduled programming in 2020. It’s just that we’ve been sending SO MUCH mail since we got engaged. Surely, you must be sick of hearing from us in your mailbox, and did you know that postage happens to cost 50 cents?! 

Since we aren’t blessing your mailboxes with a clever card this year, let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit the cards of ole:

Happy holidays!

The Fagiolis

P.S. 2013 was not worth posting…it wasn’t even movie themed.


Meet our Jr. Bridesmaid {Flower Girl} – Hannah Grace

Oh, sweet Hannah Grace. The angel baby! Hannah wasn’t even two years old when I started dating Andy. At first, she was terrified of him, as she was of most men who she didn’t see on a regular basis. By the time she was 3 or 4, she loved him. If I would go down to Maryland to visit and Andy did not come, the first thing she would do (instead of greet me with big hug and “Aunt Taceeeee!”) was say, “Where’s Andy?”.

Andy and Hannah

So, if I hadn’t been sure about the guy by then, Hannah surely let me know, in their own way, that he was a keeper. I got to watch them develop a special relationship of their own complete with inside jokes and everything. To say it warmed my heart was an understatement.

Throughout the time we were dating, Hannah would always ask us when we were going to get married. Preach, girl! I knew that when we finally got engaged, Hannah just had to be a special part of our day. While she might be getting a little too old for traditional “flower girl” duties, I know that’s the role she’s been waiting for at our wedding, and junior bridesmaid just doesn’t sound as fun to a kid, right?

When Hannah was born, my heart burst. She is my first ‘niece’, and took my place as the youngest Albanese. She’s got a huge heart, and she’s been through more than you could possibly imagine…at about age 2.5, she had a medical scare and she truly is our angel baby!

Albanese Family

We love our Hannah Banana, Hannah Bean, Hannie Bananie, Hannie, Beanie, Beanie Bop, sweet girl, Hannah Grace, so much, and are so excited for her to be a part of our big day! Cannot wait  to take our traditional SELFIE!

P.S. – her dad, my cousin Jeffrey, is marrying us, and her mom, Meghan, is my matron-of-honor!